Current Office Information

This post will be regularly updated.

The IRS, Oregon, TriMet, and Portland individual (1040) due dates for 2020 tax filings and tax due only is now May 17th. This does not apply to corporations, partnerships, trusts, or quarterly estimated tax payments; those dates remain unchanged.
We are no longer accepting new drop-offs or appointments for the April 15th deadline. Any information that comes in will be worked on as soon as possible, which we expect to be around May 1st. Of course, we can get extensions for returning clients at any time.

We are currently working on returns for information received:
Ryan: March 22nd
Jae Ann: March 20th

If you sent in your information to prepare a tax return more than three days before these dates (it takes a couple days to get the return processed and out to you once complete), please contact us. We may have sent an email that went to your spam folder, or left a voicemail that may have been missed.
If you had extra work (e.g. bookkeeping), your return may still be in process even if it came in before these dates.

We are not currently accepting new clients.
We will begin accepting new clients again in late May or June (referrals from existing clients only).

We try to make ourselves as available as possible to answer questions.
If you are a client of ours, please contact us at any time by phone or email if you have any questions at all.


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